Uniting specialists and leaders in sociocultural, edu-cultural, and business fields, The Metropolis Forums offers a platform for discussions and solutions in a refined setting. Join us in Beirut to shape the future of the Metropolis through expert-led workshops.


The Metropolis Forums are social event series that foster the Sociocultural, edu-cultural, and business spheres through local, regional and international specialist speakers, subject experts & practitioners in their respective fields. The Metropolis Forums sarl was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in August 2019. The Metropolis Forums has its legal advisory by a Lebanese Law firm.

The yield from the forums series is for specifically selective audiences to meet, interact, discuss and socialize with specialized and expert speakers in an always refined and exquisite environment.

The socio-cultural & business forums discuss the challenges being faced in all the above-mentioned scopes, with the aim to actively interact in a workshop setting to reach an improvement threshold in the socio-cultural and business activities, reflecting positive changes on the daily Metropolis life system.

The specifically targeted audiences from these forum series are young families with growing generations, adults and teenagers, parents facing socio-cultural and economic challenges, in addition to organizations aiming for further social and business development

TMF’s aim is to enhance and promote professional positive changes and effects into the socio-cultural & business development towards better performance through continually developing generations and businesses, by the support of specialists and experts.

Metropolis is a significant economic, social, and cultural epicenter in a country, and an important hub for cultural connections, commerce, and communication. Therefore, The Metropolis Forums is founded to work proactively on the sociocultural and business challenges happening on daily basis in major cities and regional capitals.

TMF aims to continually expand its activities through various streams based on its aims and objectives, in order to be capable to serve the local and regional socio-cultural and Business needs, in promoting successful positive changes in the socio-cultural and business concepts through the efforts invested by its sponsors, expert guests and social participants.

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