Lords of Finance


Six Simple Steps to Success series will give you six strategies that will set you on your way. Each book will provide tangible actions that you can take to turn your dreams into reality. This introducto-ry book lays out the system, describing how you can develop your success one piece at a time.

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As adaptive case management (ACM) systems mature, we are moving beyond simple systems that allow knowl-edge workers to define ad hoc processes, to creating more intelligent systems that support and guide them. Knowledge workers still need to dynami-cally add information, define activities and collaborate with others in order to get their work done, but those are now just the table stakes in a world of big data and intelligent agents. To drive innovation and maintain operational efficiencies, we need to augment case work typically seen as relying primarily on human intelligence with machine intelligence. In other words, we need intelligent ACM.

Highly predictable work is easy to support using traditional programming techniques, while unpredictable work cannot be accurately scripted in advance, and thus requires the involvement of the knowledge workers them-selves. The core element of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is the support for real-time decision-making by knowledge workers.


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