Agri-Food Business Development Workshop

Agri-Food Business Development!

One of the latest significant workshops that will be organized by The Metropolis Forums SARL, on monthly basis starting December 10, 2022!

During this economic crisis, more and more Lebanese businesses and farmers are thinking about kick-starting a food business or startup to replace expensive imported goods or to fill a lack of product variety on shelves.
With growing trust in Lebanese brands, new local brands now have higher chances to become profitable but lack support and knowledge.

Business owners are in desperate need of guidance in terms of technical knowledge, access to financing and competitiveness.
Business owners can find a space where they can share, learn and experiment.
This workshop could be considered as a “push” and a space where managers/owners can get reoriented and where they can find some practical tips to help them upscale their entrepreneurial journey.

For infomration and reservations, please DM us or text our business whatsapp number shown on the poster.